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4 Responses to Q/A

  1. Sheila Pannell says:

    How can I buy a copy of this book? I was told I could on line but wandering around the web site cant find where!!


    • reescampbell says:

      Thanks for the query Sheila. Depends on where you are…its available in most bookshops around Tasmania, or you can order direct from Fuller’s bookshop in Hobart if that suits you better.
      cheers, Rees


  2. Bamgsat says:

    I’m recovering from a critical illness & would like to use all locally sourced seaweed & native plants as part of my healing process….any thoughts?


    • reescampbell says:

      Hi there, I’m not a medical person at all…but I would certainly confirm the enormous health benefits of all the vitamins and minerals in seaweeds. All native seaweeds growing in Tasmanian waters are edible, but this does not necessarily include sea grasses or introduced seaweeds. The local native plants are often lacking any scientific nutritional analysis…but there are some with known valuable chemicals, vitamins and minerals. Even if nothing else, walking along the beach and collecting a few bits of beach washed weed would have to be good for you ! Best wishes for your recovery. Cheers, Rees


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