Reviews and Feedback



Eat Wild Tasmanian

“This book contains the experience of decades of acquired knowledge, most generously and competently shared”                 “Huge congratulations on your amazing book”   Sally Wise

“it is very fitting that this book has come along at a time when Tasmania is being recognised as a culinary destination”  Tino Carnevale

 Workshops and presentations

Thank you for tonight’s presentation. It was fantastic! I was all ears and learned so much! Thankyou for the beautiful food!      DK

Very interesting session   AH

It was wonderful to meet you and hear all about your interest in Tasmanian edible plants. Of course your delicious jams and cream added to the great scones that your students had cooked C& F M

I thought your presentation night at Cradle Coast Authority on eating wild foods went really well, congratulations. I enjoyed it immensely, and can’t wait to get my hands on the book. Preparing for the evening must have been a lot of work, such an extensive tasting for us gluttons. AF

Thank you so much for last night. Totally appreciate the time and effort you put in to both the food and presentation will see you at your book launch SOB

I attended your bush tukker talk in Devonport. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay very long as I had my daughter with me, what i did hear i found extremely interesting!! I was wondering if you hold these meetings often or is there another scheduled at all? I would love to attend again!! Thankyou NR

Murnong Wild Food garden

Thank you again for the amazing things you are doing     GP

Just forward planning to bring the group of Aboriginal ladies to visit Murnong next month. I look forward to your response.   D J


Today I had the absolute pleasure to visit a little gem in Wynyard.  To all you Tasmanians who haven’t figured out what culinary delights are on your back door, well worth a visit. Rees Campbell and her partner have created an oasis, in what I think is a double suburban block, featuring wet lands, dry and alpine forest.  Innovative near the sea, yes but it gets better.  They use the native plants to create culinary delights.  Sure all of us Tasmanians know the pepper berry, but have you delighted in running postman tea, salt bush chips, or put snow berries into jellies. I also had the pleasure to have a quick glance through a quality book that Rees has produced.  Not only beautifully produced, and in Tasmania, it features recipes and how to grow tips. Rees is passionate about her product and equally passionate about not harvesting from the bush but growing in your own back yard.  An inspirational tour with generous and attentive hosts.   J F

 Feisty Tasmanian

I need a Feisty fix…do you have 4 jars of my favourite (Kangaroo Apple and Kumquat) marmalade? VBM

I LOVED the native violet jam – the one the colour of rosewater   AF