Feisty Tasmanian Products

We make a very limited line of fabulous preserves…chutneys, sauces, dukkas, teas, jams and jellies. All our products are made from a mixture of traditional, introduced ingredients and native Tasmanian plant ingredients.

Check out the photos of various foods and some of the preserves in the photo gallery.

We are also available to cater for certain events and functions. Again all our foods are inspired by native Tasmanian plant ingredients, and the tastes are unique and wonderful.

For example, we make savoury scones with a range of Tasmanian herbs… or honey drops with edible flowers….gingerbread biscuits with native pepper….biscuits and pate with pickled seaweed….dukka’d quail egg filo bites…leatherwood meringues.

For those who visit our Murnong Wild Food garden, we offer Feisty Tasmanian tastings; or cater to a morning or afternoon tea.

We have an order form with our current product line, but since we are totally dependent on seasonal availability – often certain lines are not available. But there’s always something different to tantalise your taste buds. These are available to purchase directly from me. Please send an email to feistytasmanian@gmail.com with your order.