Murnong Wild Food Garden

Col and I live on almost 1 acre of black sandy soil in suburban Wynyard. We have planted over 110 species of edible native Tasmanian plants with over 300 specimens! This enables us to showcase these plants, not only as edible, but as great insect and bird attracting habitat plants for the garden. Many of the plants were grown for us by our good friend, Jim Mcleod of Oldina Nursery, and we also have plants grown by Habitat Nursery and Plants of Tasmania Nursery. We are lucky to be able to develop our garden into various Tasmanian environments…we have a large coastal section, a dry heathland, a marshland with water plants, rainforest and shady sections. There are 40+ species of birds breeding, feeding or flying in our garden; including a pair of Pacific Black Duck, we’ve heard 4 species of frogs and there are loads of insects in and around. Check out the photos in the photo gallery.

We also have a large netted vegetable patch, an established orchard, and a quail egg production aviary, so most of our food is grown right here. We believe in a mixed (mongrel) culinary heritage, and our garden reflects this with natives and introduced plants growing together.

We love to promote how possible it is to integrate edible Tasmanian native plants into a “normal” garden situation, so our garden is open for interested people to visit by appointment. We like to offer visitors some Feisty Tasmanian tastings, or we can cater for a morning or afternoon tea for your group.