The launches of Eat Wild Tasmanian

Both the Hobart and Burnie launches of Eat Wild Tasmanian were resounding successes with over 100 + at Hobart on 19th October 2017 and over 80 at Burnie.

Both Sally Wise and Vonda Mason spoke beautifully, echoing how ready we are to embrace our own culinary secrets…growing and eating our very own native Tasmanian plants.

The Feisty Tasmanian treats were devoured…I only got 1 nibble at both venues!

The Burnie launch was a week later, the 25th of October upstairs at the Burnie LINC from 6pm. Vonda Mason from the Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory and John Gibson from Plants of Tasmania Nursery spoke here, as well as our grandchildren; Finn and Thorin.

.The Advocate did an article on the launches at

The books are now available through many booksellers: Fuller’s and most good bookshops in Hobart, Petrach’s in Launceston, Devonport Bookshop, Not Just Books in Burnie; Wonders of Wynyard, The Lemon tree Providore and The Thistle Hut in Wynyard.